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Kambaba Jasper Cabochon-7

Kambaba Jasper is a new healing stone from the sacred country of India.  These cabochons offer not only physical, mental and emotional energy, but also Spiritual. It is said that through the energies of Kambaba one can be rid of karmic thought patterns which no longer serve you.  Think of this stone as a neutralizer of negative energy which then transmutes into positive healing energy.  As for our physical body, Kambaba is said to assist in the releasing of toxins and encourages healing at a cellular level.


This new stone offers to energize our spirit by allowing us to connect with the energies of the Earth.  Picture Kambaba Jasper as a very old and large tree with roots penetrating deep within the Earths crust, where we can hear the voice of nature, telling us we are not apart but together as one. 

I like to use Kambaba to balance my chakras and to give me extra confidence to make those important decisions.  These are all beautifully hand cut cabochons ready to be set into a pendant or ring.  Crazy Kool!

Kambaba Jasper Cabochon-7

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