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Kunzite Sterling Silver Pendant-2

Hand polished Kunzite gemstone set into solid Sterling Silver, with 18" Sterling Chain included.


4th chakra (heart) Kunzite is the pink variety of Spodumene. Brings peace, love, and compassion into the heart. Opens the heart to trust, aids in security and fear brought on by others.  Give love back to the Universe. Teaches us to be grateful for what we have. Renews connection to the divine. These crystals are a beautiful brilliant med. pink with outstanding powerful striations. A very popular healing stone. 


Kunzite is a very special gem that holds dichroism. The original meaning of dichroic, from the Greek dikhroos is two-colors. Thus, a dichroic gem viewed from different angles will show two different intensities of color.  Because of this you will see a lighter color looking through the front of the stone and will reveal a richer color looking through the side!  


Price is determined by size, clarity and color saturation.

Kunzite Sterling Silver Pendant-2

  • Metaphysical Properties- Brings peace, love, and compassion into the heart. Opens the heart to trust, aids in security and fear brought on by others.  More importantly, Kunzite is seen as a stone of 'balance',  it works to create a balance between the physical and emotional bodies. Some feel that this stone will help one to be more disciplined, encouraging one to follow through with their task to the completion.  For those who are erratic in their thinking, use Kunzite to allow you to focus on your task at hand. Kunzite works well with other stones, especially its sister, Hiddenite.  Kunzite also has a fair amount of lithium in its chemical composition,  lithium has been proven to relieve depression.  Kunzite may not cure depression, but it does help to bring it under control so one can manage it.  Physically, Kunzite is thought to stimulate poor circulation.  This is a good choice for those who have sore shoulders and muscles, Kunzite releases tension throughout the system.


    Numerology- Kunzite vibrates to the number 7.  The number seven is about wisdom and faith.


    Gemological Properties- Kunzite is from the spodumene family of minerals.  The chemical composition is LiAlSi2O6 (containing a high amount of Lithium), the crystal system is monoclinic.  The appearance of Kunzite is transparent and pink to bluish purple and colorless.  The refractive index is 1.66 and the specific gravity is 3.18.  Kunzite is fairly brittle and has a strong cleavage; therefore, it is usually scene as faceted gemstones.  The major sources are Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar and the US. 

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