Mochi-Moqui Balls

These stones may be used to align the energy centers, to relieve energy  blockages, to ground and center, and to provide protection.  Mochi-Moqui Balls are said to have been used for contact with ET's, for visioning, and for journeying. Includes information sheet. Comes in a set of two. 

Mochi-Moqui Balls

  • Metaphysical Properties- Moqui Marbles/Balls pronounced (Mo-Key) are concretions of iron.  They consist of an outer shell of hematite (iron oxide) with a sandstone center.  The sandstone center is often stained in red and/or yellow from iron oxides.  Occasionally there are additional rings of hematite in the center.  Moqui marbles have been called by a lot of different names.  Moqui marbles, MOQUI balls, ironstone concretions, navajo cherries, indian marbles or balls and others.  Moqui Marbles formed in the lower part of the Navajo Sandstone Formation found predominantly in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  The part of the Navajo Sandstone Formation was laid down approx. 190 million years ago at the very beginning of the Jurassic era.  Although we know when and where they formed and what they are formed form, we do not have enough geological information to know exactly how they formed. Moqui Marbles probably formed at a time when the original sand dunes that later became the Navajo Sandstone were under a sea.  The iron in the moqui marbles was probably originally in the form of Limonite, a hydrous ferric iron oxide.  We do know that Limonite will form a gel when under pressure, the sand in this formation ranged from 1000-2000 feet deep with a sea above.  This would have produced a tremendous amount of pressure; more than enough to cause the limonite to gel.  We also know that heat will change Limonite to Hematite, which is a stable form of Iron oxide, Limonite is not stable.   We believe that what caused the moqui marbles to actually form was volcanic venting of hot gases, which would have caused bubbles to form in the gelatinis limonite, the volcanic gases might have also been hot enough to alter the Limonite to hematite.

    MOQUI marbles are formed in areas where the Navajo sandstone formation has nearly eroded away and once again forming the sand dunes.  After they weather out of the sandstone, they are scoured, sanded smooth and eventually polished smooth by the blowing sand.  The shifting sand dunes probably bury and expose the marbles many times during the sanding and polishing process.  Moqui marbles are genuine geological oddity, they are also a great interest to people who study the metaphysical properties of rocks and minerals.  These strange iron stone concretions are found at the base of the navajo sandstone formation and come in sizes from small to baseball sizes.  Moqui balls have been used for centuries by the shamanic tribes of the continents.  Although newly discovered in the he US, MOQUI mables have been found on several continents. and the ancient archeological excavations.  they are are commeneded by the user of both the ancient and future ways.   Moqui balls can be used to enlighten the energy centers, to relieve energy blocks,. to stimulate the chi, to ground and center and to provide protection. 
    Grinding with two MOQUI balls promotes receptivity to frequencies which are usually in audible.  the journey with the m balls allows one to live to the fullest, while understanding the sanctity of and performing healing for the Earth.

    MOQUI balls need no special care, they are lovely to hold and act to protect when placed in ones environment.  The energy being like a good friend. 
    Manifested by nature, enjoyed by mankind, the m balls bring synthesis of the male female duality and the actualization of singularity, allowing one to recognize the self and the independence and liberty of ones nature.  M balls are said to have ben used for contact with ET's, visioning and journeying, they were sacred among the shamanic members of the ancient tribes.


    Numerology- Mochi Marbles vibrate to the number 4.  The number four is about building structure and order.  It is a hard working number with much strength and endurance.


    Gemological Properties- Ironstone concretions.