Nephrite Jade Tumbled stones

1st chakra (root) Jade in history was a very popular stone, for it was thought of not only as a good luck stone, but also one that aided health and prevented sickness. Use Jade for understanding and healing of karma, fosters peace on Earth and in oneself, promotes Earth healing and compassion for animals, plants, and birds.  A great stone to use when you need grounding to get through your day. Men are drawn to Jade.

Nephrite Jade Tumbles

  • Metaphysical Properties- Jade is a stone of much history, it has been a part of oriental philosophy for centuries.  Within Japan and China, it is considered to be the most precious of all stones.  There are five values credited to Jade, these are: clarity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom.  Jade does come in many colors, among them are dark green, apple green, black, lavender, orangy-brown and sometimes a whitish color.  Black Jade which we are speaking of in this article is a wonderful stone for protection, as well bringing one a feeling of tranquility even in the most of difficult times.  By holding a jade stone in your hand, you may experience a feeling of serenity, for others black jade brings out wisdom which is hidden in each of us. 
    Jade is a wonderful stone in all areas and an important one for your healing kit.


    Numerology- Jade vibrates to the number 2, partnerships, compassion, and cooperation.


    Gemological Properties- Jadeite is one of two minerals commonly knows as Jade, the other is Nephrite.  It is from the monoclinic crystal system and offers a chemical composition of NaALSi2O6.  Jade is often seen cut as cabochons, beads, and carvings.  The refractive index is 1.666 and the specific gravity is 3.34.  Jadeite is one of the stones which can be commonly confused with stones that offer a similar appearance.  If you are not sure if your stone is Jade, have it tested by a certified gemologist such as myself.  It is also one of the stones that is commonly enhanced; dying and heating. 
    Jadeite is found all over the world, of course China, Japan are two of the most important sources, however, it is also found in Canada and Burma.