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Oligoclase Feldspar Crystal-1

3rd and 7th chakra- Oligoclase is a variety of Feldspar which also includes Sunstone, Moonstone and Amazonite. These gemmy colorless crystals of Oligoclase assists one in learning to trust others.  Colorless Oligoclase emits what is called a 'sustaining energy' keep a hold on situations or activities.  By Melody.  I find these to be very energetic and pure.  Colorless stones in general are about being 'clear' in all matters of your life.  Some feel that the colorless gemstones help one to feel closer to your spirit guides. 

Oligoclase Feldspar Crystal-1

  • Metaphysical Properties- Oligoclase is a great stone to choose if you are dealing with issues of trust; it assists one in learning trust.  Helpful in releasing internal anger which causes energy blocks.  Oligoclase stimulates awareness and self-awareness, it neutralizes negativity through this awareness.  Some like to use this stone for a journey of discovery into the inner self. Oligoclase also allows one stability and focus to see the highest perspective or vision, the creative intelligence and wisdom, without loosing sight of the detail or what needed to happen to achieve it.


    Numerology- Oligoclase vibrates to the master number 44.  Metamorphosis and change.


    Gemological Properties- Oligoclase is a mineral species in the plagioclase series of the feldspar group. It appears to be transparent to opaque and is found in yellow, orange to brown and brownish red; sometimes colorless or white to light green or gray.  The crystal system is triclinic and the chemical composition varies between NaSlSi3O8 and CaAl2Si2O8.  The refractive index is 1.559-1.547 and offers a specific gravity of 2.70.  The hardness is a 6-6.5.  The major sources for Oligoclase are Finland, Canada, USA, Kenya and Madagascar. 

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