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Polished Fire Quartz Crystal-2

Metaphysical Properties- Fire Quartz is a beautiful variety of Quartz crystal.  It was named 'Fire Quartz' because of the bright red dots (inclusions) of Hematite and Lepidochrosite, which resemble 'fire'.    Fire Quartz is a heart chakra stone; opening the heart and emotional body for major transformations and healing.  You may wish to use the energies of Fire Quartz to expose and heal traumas from past lives as well as this life or when you feel a need to 'open your heart'.  It can be used in the treatment of disorders relating to blood, the thyroid and the thymus.  Some like to use it to relieve symptoms of depression.


I would like to share with you an exercise to Open your Heart....You will be using the Fire Quartz crystal for this exercise. Upon receiving your Fire Quartz crystal you should cleanse it (clear it of any unwanted energies) and dedicate the crystal to a specific purpose.  (We covered these two steps in our previous newsletters).  Now it is time to bond with your crystal.  Simply sit and hold it in both hands.  As you are holding it ask yourself things like; "Does it feel cool or warm to the touch?", "Is the crystal smooth or rough?", "What colors do  I see?", etc.  To become familiar with the crystal is the goal here.  You can spend as much time as you feel is necessary for this bonding process.  When you feel you are ready, place the crystal in your left hand.  (the left hand is more receptive than the right.)  Set your intention.  The intention for this exercise is to 'open your heart'.  Holding the crystal in your left hand make your intention heard! State out loud "I desire my heart to be open".  Say this mantra while feeling it in every cell of your body.  Say it over and over making sure you are very clear in your intent; the Universe does not understand mumbled words!!  Keep this up until your intuition tells you to stop.  It is great if you can do this exercise everyday, remember if you are dedicated and open to healing the Universe will listen.


Numerology- Fire Quartz vibrates to the number 6.  The number six is about relationships, families, service of country, devotion and a concern for people.


Gemological Properties-  Fire Quartz is a crystal which is included with hematite, these inclusions appear as fire throughout the crystal.  It has the same gemological properties as all quartz with the edition of Fe2O3.  This particular crystal is from Madagascar.  However, hematite included quartz is found in many countries, including Brazil, Mexico and the US.

Polished Fire Quartz Crystal-2

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