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Polished Rutilated Quartz Crystal

Only ONE available.

Rutilated Quartz is a variety of Quartz crystal that contains small needles of Rutile trapped inside. For you scientific types the needles are actually Titanium Dioxide crystals. Rutile intensifies the healing power of Quartz. It assists you by magnifying all positive energy entering your aura system, it clears negative energy and energy blockages. Some healers use it as a way of getting to the root of an ailment, providing answers for the appropriate treatment.  Others have used it for astral travel to provide insight on why certain locations are visited.  It does this by providing you with awareness.  I highly recommend Rutilated Quartz for its beauty as well as healing properties. This is a very special crystal, it offers a very slight pinkish tone with fantastic Rutile throughout.  perfect in every way!   Size is nearly 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide.  Very nice polish, from Brazil. 

Polished Rutilated Quartz Crystal

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