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Lime Prehnite Zeolite

3rd chakra. WOW! This is a brand new find of Prehnite from Australia. A really charming lime green, that is very striking in appearance.  I find them to be stimulating to the senses, I feel a vibration that radiates through my solar plexus, it was very surprising at first!  I become very motivated after playing with these beauties. Some like to call Prehnite 'prophecy stones' for they give one the ability to see into the future.  Physical treatment of adrenal glands. 

Prehnite Lime

  • Metaphysical Properties- 4th and 6th chakras. Prehnite used to multiply energy, good for using in crystal grids.  Use to send healing energy to others through distance healing.  Some like to call Prehnite 'prophecy stones' for they give one the ability to see into the future.  This is a good choice to use in dream work, it allows you to not only remember your dreams, but it also will inspire you to remember long ago thoughts which may be helpful in personal growth.  Also inspires one in every aspect of life. Some say that Prehnite is very protective.  Program this stone for protection and leave in your house when away on long trips or take with you to promote a safe and productive trip.


    Numerology- Vibrates to the number 7.


    Gemological Properties- Zeolites are a popular group of minerals for collectors and an important group of minerals for industrial and healing purposes. They combine rarity, beauty, complexity and unique crystal habits. Typically forming in the cavities, or vesicles, of volcanic rocks "basalt", zeolites are the result of very low grade metamorphism. Some form from just subtle amounts of heat and pressure and can just barely be called metamorphic while others are found in obviously metamorphic regimes. Zeolite crystals have been grown on board the space shuttle and are undergoing extensive research into their formation and unique properties.  An example of the most common zeolites include: Prehnite, apophyllite, gyrolite, okenite, natrolite. Heulandite, Chabazite. Mesolite, and Stilbite. 

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