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Prophecy Stone-12

Found in the Libyan desert on the border with Eqypt as the name suggests, enhances your physical abilities including reading the Akashic Record, kythin and the ability to access the future. The brown color is pure Earth energy which connects the third eye, crown and soul star chakras so that guidence is channelled from a very high source and brought to Earth. With the assistance of this stone you manifest your dreams and, when meditating with it, travel through multi-dimensions so that you understand your souls purpose.


Prophecy Stones bring together like minded people with a common purpose, facilitate working with the planet in quiet service.  This stone harmonizes all the subtle bodies and anchors the lightbody into the physical. Very uselful for creating a shamanic anchor to hold the body safely in incarnation.


Place, position or grid as appropriate, gaze into the stone when meditating.

Prophecy Stone-12

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