Golden Calcite

Super RARE and LARGE Stellar Beam Calcite from Montana.  We dug these in the 1990's so it has been in my personal collection for many years, now it is time to let it go........ 3rd chakra. Energetically speaking these stones are emotional as well as mental. Of course the basic properties of Golden Calcite are associated with self-esteem and worth. These Golden Chevron Calcite crystals bring out creativity, stimulates wisdom and aids manifesting. Connects the lower with the higher mental bodies. Protects and strengthens the aura. Allows our wisdom to shine through. Noted Author Katrina Raphael refers to Stellar Beams as highly evolved crystalline structures whose essence is unified Spirit in matter.  Weighs 13.4  pounds, perfect for your office or home!

RARE LARGE Stellar Beam Calcite specimen-Montana