Rhyolite earth stones

3rd and 6th chakras.  Rhyolite is a very interesting stone for it promotes change and progress in the individual.  My Rhyolite is the outer layer or the matrix in which the Oregon Opal is formed.  I feel that the energy of the Opal enhances the Rhyolite by moving us forward even quicker, allowing us to reach our goals in a timely fashion.


  • Metaphysical Properties- Rhyolite is one of those stones in which not much has been written.  Being this stone vibrates under the number 4 which is about hard work and structure, I feel that Rhyolite will assist one in working towards their goals in a proficient manner.  This stone will not allow you to simply give up on your goals or life dreams, it will push you forward to meet them. In order for us to meet our goals, we sometimes have to change in order for the progress to take place.  Many of us do not like to leave the comfort of change, use Rhyolite to help you realize that in order to grow we sometimes have to change. 
    Use Rhyolite during meditation to help you remember why you are here at this time, it facilitates the mental state.  As previously stated, this particular Rhyolite is from the state of Oregon, it is actually the matrix of the Oregon Opal.  Oregon Opal forms in what is called thunder eggs, the Opal forms in the center of the egg, the outer rock or matrix is the Rhyolite.  Being this is the case, I feel the energy of the Oregon Opal compliments the energy of the Rhyolite.  Oregon Opal is about remembering your life's purpose and path, Rhyolite pushes you towards your purpose and path, perfect combination!


    Numerology- Vibrates to the number 4.  It is about structure and hard work.


    Gemological Properties- Rhyolite is a fine grained volcanic rock.  It is chemically identical to granite and is composed essentially of feldspar and quartz.  The colors are brown and gray, sometimes with streaks or mottles.  The Rhyolite we are speaking of here form as thunder eggs through volcanic activity.