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gemstone pink quartz rough

4th chakra (heart) PINK symbolizes unconditional love and caring.  It is about learning to love yourself as well as others.  Pink is the color of Romantic Love, Planetary Goodwill, Healing of Emotions, Affection, Romance, Partnerships of Emotional Maturity, and Nurturing.  Pink is very healing when it comes to any issues of the heart; whether it be used to mend a broken heart, combat loneliness, or used to heal grief, pink makes us feel good about ourselves and others. This extremely gemmy gemstone promotes heart healing through self-love. Heals heartache and loneliness. Aids in opening the goddess within. (GEM ROSE IS THE MOST POWERFUL AND CLEAREST ENERGY) 

Rose Quartz Gem Rough

  • Metaphysical Properties- The lovely pink of rose quartz is very loving, it is used to encourage self-love, love of others and compassion.  It is a wonderful choice for opening the heart to love.  Many of us have a difficult time dealing with issues of love, Rose Quartz will help you to understand that we are all love and by opening the heart, we can attract the love we so fondly need.  It can be a difficult process, we are so afraid that once we open are heart to others that we will get hurt.  However, this is not usually the case, Rose Quartz will help us to let go of this fear.  Rose Quartz is becoming more important as more and more people are opening consciously to the higher-self, to realms of light beyond the physical that love and support us.  More and more of us are accepting the energy of unconditional love into our hearts, minds and souls.  I like to place a rose quartz in my left hand during a laying on of stones session, I feel that love is very important to receive, it is a blessing.


    Numerology- Rose Quartz vibrates to the number 7.  It has to do with wisdom and faith.  Great dedication, inner strength and a sense of purpose are a few attributes of this number.


    Gemological Properties- Quartz is a group of mineral species which is from the hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system.  The chemical composition is SIO2, refractive index is 1.544-1.553 with a specific gravity of 2.66. 

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