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Sterling Silver & Natural Black Jade Ring

Lets Talk POLISH!
This solid Sterling Silver & natural black Jade Ring is nothing short of fantastic. The jade stone is the highly prized "Red Rhine" Black Jade from Wyoming. This super high quality of Wyoming jade was mined out about 45/50 years ago. We received some rough jade from an old rock hound about 25 years ago. My husband recently cut, polished and mounted the stone into this solid sterling silver ring. LOOK at the polish on it, it's phenomenal! Wyoming black jade will take on an "exceeding" high polish, like no other gemstone we know of. This jade is a 7.5 on the mohs hardness scale. Jade is considered "tougher" then any gemstone known. That's right, it's even tougher than Diamond! Diamond is much harder than jade, diamond being a 10 on the mohs hardness scale, but good quality Jade is indeed tougher than diamond, meaning it will not easily crack, scuff or chip. The ring is a size 9. It could easily be resized, up or down. This ring could be worn by a male or female. Overall weight of ring is approx. 17 grams. Stone alone measures approx. 17mm wide by 20mm long and 15mm tall.


Black Jade is a 1st chakra (root) healing stone.  Black Jade Enhances intelligence and understanding between family members. Aids understanding and healing of karma, fosters peace on Earth and in oneself, promotes Earth healing and compassion for animals, plants, and birds. A great stone to use when you need grounding to get through your day. One of the best stones known for providing grounding energy when feeling anxious.

Sterling Silver & Natural Black Jade Ring

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  • Stone measures approx. 17mm wide by 20mm long and 15mm tall.

    17mm wide by 20mm long and 15mm tall.

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