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Tigers Eye Polished Towers

Size is 3+ inches.

Metaphysical Properties- Tigers eye is a stone used for protection, the gemstones appearance of an eye suggests its use by the doctrine of signatures. Tigers eye is also a solar plexus stone, deepening perception and clarity of self, giving us courage when we need it most.  It is about change and transformation which comes from inner knowledge.  I like to use Tigers Eye for manifesting of ideas and to place visualizations into reality, it helps us to obtain goals by taking direct action and by knowing when to act or wait.  It strengthens and energizes our sense of purpose, stimulating and strengthens power within.  I feel that this is a very important stone which all of us should include in our healing kits.


Numerology- Vibrates to the number 4.  Structure and hard work.


Gemological Properties- Tigers Eye is in the Quartz family of minerals.  It is a variety of Quartz in which the quartz has replaced crocidolite (a form of asbestos) without disturbing the original fibrous structure of the crocidolite.  Hawks eye is also in this same quartz family of minerals, but instead of being the brownish yellow to brownish red variety, it is grayish blue in color. 

Tigers Eye Polished Towers

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