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Variscite nodule

4th chakra.  Variscite brings us love and understanding of our loved ones.  Energizes heart chakra and promotes unconditional love and peace within.  Very spiritual stones which the Native Americans use in ceremony.   This is a super gemmy slab of Variscite, perfect in every way!  What a beautiful and complete nodule! 

Very rare!

Variscite Nodule-1

  • Lets face it, life is stressful these days.  With the current global situation the world appears to be at a constant state of tension and that impacts on all of us.  This is where Variscite comes it, it works to return us to a place of balance and release the collective tension we are being subjected to in the environments we live and work in. I've heard Variscite described as like a "deep sigh" that releases all the tension and erratic energy and I suppose that's not a bad explanation of it.

    What variscite does is actually bring do opposing sides together - like the two hands that have been holding the rubber band so tight and so tense for so long.  But whether its two hands, two sides of the same issue, two sides of yourself or two people, variscite brings those sides together and then unites two two ends.

    When this stone can be helpful is when you just feel exhausted by the challenges, by the fighting and the destruction.  When you feel like you're so just stretched too tight or the tension between you and another is so much you could cut it with a knife - thats when you need variscite.

    It is also exceptionally good for anyone involved in healing work or earth service when you can develop that feeling of "burn out" by overextending yourself. Here variscite will help nurture and recharge - allowing us to continue to be of service without wearing ourselves out.

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