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Will Stone Tibetan Energy
Will - Tibetan Spiritual Priest Energy - Will Power 
This extraterrestrial stone was discovered in spring 2000 in a remote area in the Rhoub al Khali.
It releases the Power of Shamballa that resides (often untouched) within you! 
The stone brings your own power in accordance with the Will of God. When the heart is cleaned from blockages, energy can again freely flow through the heart towards to the Solar Plexus Chakra and you can re-establish your inborn ability to manifest.
Sai Baba says: "The body is like a radio set. When you do not tune in properly by concentration you will not get the right station. Concentration is essential for every kind of activity in life. Students should realize how much can be gained by reducing one's desires... They will find that their memory power increases. As desires are reduced, their will power will grow. " This Will power is being undermined today by evil forces. This results in the loss of the ability to act.

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