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Zincite Crystal-2

Our Zincite Crystals from Silesia are neither natural nor man made. They are a secondary mineral.In mineralogical terms they are a Sublimate which is the process of transformation directly from the the gaseous (fire) state to the solid state without ever becoming a liquid.So the correct description of the formation of Zincites Crystals is they grew naturally as a by-product but they are man-caused (not man-made) since they occurred accidentally.


2nd chakra (belly) By popular request I am pleased to offer these beautiful Zincite crystals. These crystals are extracted from the zinc smelters of Poland. Zincite assists in removing energetic pollutants by pulling together these energies and then transforming them. Zincite is wonderful for bringing energy into the physical body and mainly deals with the lower three chakras. I like to use it for days when I am feeling sluggish and unmotivated due to stress. 


This is a perfect example of a fine Zincite crystal, around an inch in length.  Powerful!

Zincite Crystal-2

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