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Kellie the Crystal Deva
Montana Amethyst-Smokey Crystal
Rainbow Mayanite Quartz
Oregon Opal Butte

Greetings from Avalon. This site will provide you with a very large variety of high quality gemstones and crystals as mineral specimens, adornment or as alternative health healing aids. We invite you to browse through our large selection of natural earth minerals.


The healing stone information given on these pages should not be used in place of your regular MD visits. If you're suffering a health condition, please visit your physician!

Many believe crystallized minerals and stones contain natural vibrational energies that work to open and balance the chakras. This process is known as, "laying-on-of-stones". This subject matter has gained much attention in recent years. The use of healing stones to improve one's health has been used in most all cultures since ancient times. Although there is no real proof or evidence to support these claims, many who use stones as healing aids do claim to have received positive results from them. There are many things in our world that we do not fully understand, perhaps the healing benefits of stones and crystals may be proven one day. Until then, there can be no real harm done by using them for this purpose along with  regular visits to your physician for medical prescriptions, advice and treatments.

I'm G.I.A Graduate Gemologist with nearly 30 years experience in testing, identifying and appraising gemstones, crystals, mineral specimens and jewelry. You can be assured that all items you purchase from Avalon Crystals are authentic, natural and of high quality. 


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Stone health remedies given here at this site are offered as information and aid only, not as prescriptions or medical advice. If you're having health issues please visit your MD.

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