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My Number 1 Crystal for Healing

I often get asked the question "I am new at using crystals and stones for healing, so if I could choose only ONE crystal what would it be?" Well that is easy, it has to be my RAINBOW MAYANITE QUARTZ crystal. There are so many reasons why! The first and foremost is that my husband and I discovered the Rainbow Mayanite Quartz mine which is very near and dear to my heart. Other reasons are its immense beauty and energy! And the way it makes me feel which is HAPPY and POSITIVE!

After working with this unique crystal we see that Mayanite offers healing on many levels by resonating with our entire energy system or chakras. The full spectrum of color OR Rainbow. We find that the Rainbow Chakra Quartz never needs cleansing because of the intense strength and ability to self cleanse. Lay the Rainbow Chakra Quartz on each chakra to activate and stimulate each energy center. After a period of use, you will feel much more energized, focused, secure, and happy. Life seems to erupt with new adventure, joy and purpose, a feeling that we are truly on our true path. Check out for all your Mayanite Shopping

We are delighted to have crystal healing author Judy Hall expressing her thoughts on our unusual and energetic Mayanite. Judy Hall, is quoted in the UK popular magazine ‘Kindred Spirit’ as saying, “To me, it has the highest vibration yet (although no doubt there are more to come). Other publications for our Rainbow Mayanite Quartz include: "The Crystal Bible 3" by Judy Hall and "Paradigm Shift" Britain's best loved spiritual magazine.

Check out Kellie's video on this unique crystal! Remember to stay Brilliant and Shine ON!

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