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Are your Propehy Stones FAKES?


Please be careful who you purchase your Prophecy Stones from! My vendor recently notified me to say that there are rampant FAKE or Imitation Prophecy Stones flooding the market. In order to guarantee my clients of the true stones, we now have a Certificate of Authenticity included with each Prophecy Stone purchase. When one uses imitation stones for healing it could possibly be more damaging than healing, always KNOW where your stones come from, someone with much experience and who you trust!

Prophecy stones allow partners to cooperate as in a marriage. These stones bring people together for a common goal; which could be for studying, recording, learning and teaching of esoteric subjects. These stones do this by 'cementing' thoughts and bringing them into action. Putting actions and thoughts into 'concrete' form; such as into a book. Helps you to peek into the Akashic records. Radha writes that these are "Visionary stones; whilst holding them in meditation I was quickly raised out of my body and entered a scene, which was like a future civilization on Earth." Prophecy stones highly improve visionary and psychic abilities. Physically these stones may aid blood disorders and aid proper function of the lungs. Grounding and calming.

Because of their very intense energetic vibrations, Prophecy Stones have also been described by highly sensitive persons, that their popularity was strongly raised. The name Prophet-Stone was given to it by the finder who brought them to us from Africa and refers to the strongly realized opening of the Crown-Chakra, which is the base of its impact.

The psychic Radha writes: "How rare and wonderful stones are these Prophecy-Stones! I have never seen or touched anything similar! They give a more dense and heavy impression and they do open my upper Chakras immediately to a huge stream. The Third Eye and the Crown-Chakra are highly activated.

They are visionary stones; whilst holding them in meditation I was quickly raised out of my body and entered a scene, which was like a future civilization of the Earth.

The consciousness is harmonically linked to future times. They also seem to highly improve visionary and psychic abilities."

Through the spontaneous opening of the upper Chakras a link to the Soul Star is obviously created. The Soul Star is anticipated and nowadays more forgotten and therefore degenerated Chakra, which is situated about 30 cm above the head, and which is able to channel the communication to the “I am One with God Consciousness”.

Prophecy-Stone is a very important stone for the spiritual development of humankind during the last chapter of the Mayan Age. It can harmonically lead us through various and multileveled entanglements and veils.

Goethite becomes magnetic after strong heating. Because of this maybe it would help people who are bi-polar. Goethite is soluble in hydrochloric acid and stains the solution yellow. Maybe these Prophecy stones work with the solar plexus.

Metaphysical Properties-I understand that the Sahara Desert is made up mostly of Limonite. Limonite is composed mainly of Goethite. Goethite is formed from the action of oxygen upon iron and manganese compounds dissolved in water. (oxide) These stones are from a sedimentary formation.

Numerology Number 9 - Love and compassion, grace, forgiveness, tolerance, appreciate beauty, unconditional heart, allows appreciation of life.

Gemological Properties- Goethite is abundant in masses in surface gravels forming coliform concretions (prophecy stones). These stones are metallic and shiny in appearance, ranging in color from a dark yellow brown to a very dark brown. A rather unique concretion, which is heavy for its size. Prophecy stones are a Hydrogen Iron Oxide containing manganese. (concretions). Goethite is a secondary mineral.


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