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7 Stone Chakra Kit with Handsewn Fabric Pouch

      7 Stone Chakra Kit & Fabric Pouch -3 | Avalon Crystals

 New Item!  Since my crystal healing journey began with Avalon Crystals, I have always wanted to offer high quality hand sewn ‘Seven Stone Chakra Pouches’ that are created here in the USA!  The time is finally here! Like they say, ‘timing is everything’, and that is exactly how my healing work rolls!
Each pouch is ethically hand sewn by my friend Coral who has been creating lovely fabric bags for many years.  Being created with the best of healing intensions, this pouch will be sure amaze!
Size is 8 x 5 inches.  And are washable!
I offer my Interstellar (Purple with planets) or Cosmic Fabric Pattern (blue with celestial images).
I asked Coral to sew 6 pockets on the inside and one center larger pocket to safely store your healing stones.  Super fine quality using the best zippers and fabrics available, this bag will last!  Great for traveling!
This 7 Stone kit -2 is a wonderful mid price Healing Stone Kit that offers:
Stones included are:
First Chakra- Dravite Tourmaline
Second Chakra- Carnelian
Third Chakra- Yellow Scapolite
Fourth Chakra- Rose Quartz
Fifth Chakra- Chrysocolla
Sixth Chakra- Sodalite
Seventh Chakra- Quartz Double Terminated (DT) crystal
Sage Bundle from my property on the Colville Reservation, Washington.
I also offer Custom Chakra Kits-If you would like me to create a special 7 stone chakra kit with pouch and sage bundle there are two ways of doing this:
Visit my website, scroll through the crystals/stones, write down you 7 choices and email to me @  I will offer a 20% discount on your choices.   OR
Send me an email with issues in your life that you would like to heal and I will meditate on which 7 stones are best for you.  (Feel free to include a price range that feels good to you).


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