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Healing issues of Karma and Improving Self-Image

The stones we are using for this healing stone exercise are listed below, you can find everything you need at

Prepare for healing session-

Find a time when you will not be bothered, turn off the phone, turn down the lights, add soft music if you wish, light a candle and make yourself feel cozy, this time is for YOU. The first thing we must do is to cleanse the crystal of any remaining energies that it may possess. Simply take a sage or sweet grass bundle, light it and pass the stone through the smoke, I like to say something like: "May this crystal be cleansed of any energy that I do not need at this time".

The next thing we need to do is to program it for our healing work. To do this, hold the crystal in your left hand, your receiving hand, and ask that this crystal be programmed for healing or whatever else you need it to do, for this exercise we will program our stones to help clear our karma from past lives and to build a healthy image with self love. For example: " I program this crystal to heal my past karma, to help me love myself thru a healthy self image.” Just use your intuition, do not place a lot of thought into using stones. It is not rocket science, just have pure intentions. People tend to get all wrapped up into whether they are using their stones correctly, try not to worry about it and know in your heart that you are doing it correctly!

Crystal Healing Layout

1st chakra- Place the jet and the rainbow obsidian side by side on your pelvic area. Releases anger, shame and guilt while allowing for acceptance. Also protective. You may also carry the obsidian with you for protection if you wish.

2nd chakra- shiva lingham- The shiva stone is my favorite for nurturing, this is why I have a 75 pound one in my home! Place on your second chakra.

3rd- chakra- golden calcite and citrine on third chakra. All issues of fear, dissolve the emotion of fear, learn to live in a positive new light.

4th chakra- place rose quartz, manganocalcite and thulite in a triangle formation on the heart chakra. This combination is deep and fast acting to remove blocks from the heart chakra.

5th chakra- lapis lazuli on throat, Lapis is the stone to aid and to amplify your recovery work, it will help you to stay on the correct path, very important!

6th chakra- amethyst, place between your eye brows, amethyst will allow you to finally let go of the past, let go of all grief from childhood, allow these emotions to simply melt away from your body, you will feel much lighter and clearer.

7th chakra- purple fluorite will allow you to understand these yucky feelings from the past and then will transmute them into new and positive beginnings, again we wish to let go of the shame from the past.

Left hand- rose quartz, hold in palm once all of the above stones are placed on your body,

Right hand- quartz crystal, hold in palm once all of the above stones are placed on your body.

Do this exercise once a day for 10-15 minutes or you can use my Golden Cloud Visualization while the stones are on your body.

Golden Cloud Meditation

Now that you are relaxed, I want you to visualize in your minds eye, a beautiful golden cloud hovering above your head. This golden cloud is filled with warm, loving, healing energy from the Universe. Note its bright golden color and how it makes you feel warm and comfortable. Now watch this golden cloud as it floats down through your head, it is swirling though your head bringing you a feeling of love and healing.

Know that you are protected and loved. Keep watching this golden cloud as it floats down through your neck and shoulders. Allow the energy of this cloud to release all of the toxins from your physical body. Now the cloud is floating down through your chest and belly giving you the feeling of warmth and love.

The golden cloud is now floating down through your pelvic area and branches off into both legs. Again, watch this cloud as it slowly makes it way down each leg into your feet. Allow this cloud to swirl through each foot as you feel them becoming warmer and lighter. Finally, release this golden energy through the bottoms of your feet allowing it to absorb into the Earth. Lie still for awhile and when you are ready to open your eyes do so, take the healing stones off of your body. This exercise takes around 30 minutes.

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