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Different shaped stones such as cabochons, faceted stones, egg shaped, triangle shaped, etc. and how

- "Can you tell me about the different shaped stones such as cabochons, faceted stones, egg shaped, triangle shaped, etc. and how they work for healing purposes?

This is a great question! Many crystal healers like to use polished stones as well as rough stones in their healing work. Rough stones in their natural state allow us to come into contact with our environment and connect us with the essence of the gemstones vibration in a 'natural' way. With polished gemstones the rough edges and indentations have been cut and polished away, allowing the hidden beauty of the stone to appear. It is thought that the beauty and illumines power of a stone is increased through cutting and polishing. I feel the energy of each cut stone highly depends on the lapidarist (stone cutter's) intent.

If he cuts the stone with loving intent, the healing powers will be greatly increased. If he is a production stone cutter and has the attitude of getting the job done as quickly as possible in a non-loving way, these effects the vibrations of the stone, which may make it, feel 'not right'. I feel intent is everything when it comes to cutting stones. Lets take a look at a few stone shapes to see what they mean in our healing work.

Cabochon (dome shaped)- The flat base of a cabochon gives us a feeling of stability and a connection to the Earth. The smooth curve of the dome is thought to be a feminine energy, which is very soft yet, supportive. An oval cabochon provides for our physical well-being through healing of the body. Satisfies our physical needs.

Round shaped stones strengthen the intuition, the imagination, and the inventive powers of the mind. Round shaped stones are good to use when you need to be creative as well as for task solving. They symbolize the receptive power of the universe.

The Egg Shaped stone is used for new beginnings, lets new life be created, and allows for new experiences to come into your life. The egg shape is also used to enhance creativity. They can be placed on your altar to bring 'fertility'.

The Triangle shape is used to open up the perception and conscious use of spiritual powers. Try using a triangle shaped stone on the third eye to enhance your psychic abilities. Triangle shaped stones are also used for protection. To guard your home place a triangle shaped stone in the window facing your street.

The Pyramid unites four triangles on the basis of the square, which activates manifesting of material related energies. The pyramid helps us to master the challenges of matter with mental power and fill our life on earth with spiritual strives towards unity in the light. Prosperity.

Rectangular and Square shapes are the building blocks of the earth. They strengthen our ideas and inspirations allowing them to become reality. They symbolize the earth, prosperity and abundance. They also allow concentration to finish projects.

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