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Amethyst Sceptor Heads

Bill and I have started to go through some boxes of crystals which we dug in the 1990's. We have not looked at them since the day we packed them for storage. I have to say that we were busy crystal collectors back in the 90's. We traveled from Washington State to Montana in the summer of 1993 and visited several quartz collecting areas, Sally Ann claim, Peterson Mountain and the famous Crystal Park. That year the crystal energy was to be sceptors, double terminated, and the highly sought after phantom crystals. We dug amethyst, smokey and colorless sceptors.

What a fun time it was! Sceptor energy is about spiritual enlightenment, wonderful for bringing that energy into groups of like minded individuals. I will be adding these to Avalon in the near future, I would like to work on a video first. If anyone is interested feel free to message me.

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