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What are Earth Chakras?

Earth chakras are described as energy sites that have been recognized as resonating an universal energy that affects the earth. Native cultures have described these sites as the heart of the world. It is said that earth's spiritual cord runs through the site much like how the chakras are connected in our body via our spinal column. The locations create the living Tree of Life which connects the spiritual with the physical, bringing spirit into the world of matter.

Jasper is found in areas where Earth Chakras are located

It is unknown how far each sacred area reaches, though it is believed that depending upon the spiritual work that has been or is being performed in the area, serves to create a greater or lesser encompassing energy. I would like to say regarding earth chakras that while I believe that sacred sites have their purpose for the earth, much like our heart, lungs and other parts of our body have their purpose, I fully believe that all parts of the earth and the body are sacred and all should be revered in the highest esteem. Everywhere you walk, where-ever you are, is sacred ground! Kala

The following is a list of reported Earth Chakras, I am looking for a complete list of earth chakras and meanings regarding each chakra center. If anyone has this information, please forward to me to add to this site. The sites listed below are in no particular order.

Mt. Sinai Mt Shasta, California Haleakala, Hawaii Pyramids of Giza, Egypt Machu Pichu, Peru Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury in England Sedona, Arizona Brazil and the Amazon Tibet and the Himalyas Mt Fujiyama, Japan Palenque, Mexico Jerusalem Bali Wawel Hill in Krakow (Old City) Poland Cape Town, South Africa's -Table Mountain Ayers Rock and Shark Bay, Australia

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