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White Serpent Energy Stones

N- Stones aka White Serpent Stones

What is this highly unusual healing stone? Some say that The N-Stone is the long sought after philosophers stone that has come down through the millenniums. The N-Stone is regarded as the magic stone which originated from another dimension, possibly the same dimension as Life Stones and Prophecy Stones. Naga entities were powerful healers’ eons ago and are now ready to share their healing powers and properties in this dimension.

N-Stones have serpent like color patterns which many spiritual users consider the most effective for healing and power. These stones rested for centuries along the holy waters of big streams like the Ganges, the Indus River, the Mekong River, or Yang-Tse River, only to be found when Villagers were ready for their healing energy. These Villagers say the unique glossy textures and swirling reptilian patterns were created by serpents who lived in these sacred rivers and swam over these rocks daily for centuries.The “N” of the N-Stone refers to Naga which is an ancient mythology stemming from the far East which sees the Snake as a divine being of creative energy.

There is an intense mystical resonance of the serpent soul vibrations inside the stone. It contains indeed the power of power. It has the property to protect from most known negative spirits – especially in situations where we face great challenges.

Use the N-Stone to discover our truth, strengthen invulnerability, and to understand death more consciously. (One Villager insists the stone helped her to feel less pain when dealing with a death in her family). The N-stone may assist you in attracting wealth and protection from evil danger.Especially good for those of us who need refreshing energy, a side note is that some experience an ease when dealing with extreme heat and cold.

Being that these stones have made their presence available NOW, it could also mean an easy transition into whatever energy we are experiencing.

I am very interested in hearing what the N-Stone will do for you!

Application method: You may put it simply under your pillow or your mattress of your bed.

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