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Thoughts on Purpose

Dear Friends, I would like to take this time to say 'Thank you' to all of you who have subscribed to my Avalon Crystals healing BLOG! My hopes are to create awareness and promote personal growth by sharing information that will help us all lead a more satisfying life.

Lately I have been thinking about 'time' and how quickly events come and pass. I look at the year 2017 and cannot believe it has been 20 years since Avalon Crystals was launched to the World Wide Web!!! Seems that when I think about time I also think about Purpose, why am I here? What should I be doing? With this said, I would like to share an article I wrote many moons ago, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Blessings!


Thoughts on Purpose

By Crystal DEVA

Do you ever wonder why you are here? Seems that many of us heading towards our early forties are starting to wonder if there is more to life than this. More to life than getting up early to go to our work place each day? And many times to a job we do not even like?

If us humans are so darn knowledgeable, then why do we proceed to work in a job we do not like or be in relationships that are not working? Seems like we begin to wonder about life around 40, (no I am not 40 yet, just an early ‘wondering why’ bloomer). People often call this wondering time ‘a mid-life crisis’. However I see it much differently. I feel that people who experience this time of their lives as negative, seriously need to do something about it. It is obvious that they are not living their true purpose or ‘why they are here’. If you are living your purpose then this mid life crisis does not manifest. I believe that it is a wake up call of sorts, telling us that we need to change what we are doing or our behavior now!

What is the normal response for these scary feelings? Well some of the things we do to try to block out these feelings of aging, of not living our purpose, is to purchase a new sports car or color the gray out of our hair. Well what happens when these things do not work? Do not fulfill us? We become very unhappy, and begin to beat ourselves up because we cannot understand these feelings.

So what should we do? RE-evaluate your life and ask yourself what do you really enjoy, what brings you the most joy. If nothing comes to you, think back about your childhood, what did you really enjoy playing? Did you build model toy car kits? Did you pretend you were a cowboy? Did you pretend you were a teacher? Think back and pay attention to your stomach, do any of these memories make your tummy tingle? If so, then maybe you should look at that more deeply. Lets say that you are now a lawyer who has all of the material things a person could want or need, a million dollar estate, a fancy boat, but you are not happy. And while you are looking back on your life, you see that you always have loved sharing your knowledge. Why not teach? Does this idea make you giddy? If so, then chances are that this is your true calling or purpose.

Well that part was easy, but I have a feeling you are now asking me, how can I work all day, take care of the house and kids and begin a new fun job? The INTERNET is how. Now days, you can train at home on your personal computer when you have the time. There are many courses and training now offered to help you achieve your new dream.

Or sometimes things just happen, many times without you knowing or understanding why! This is what makes life fun and waking up each morning to unlimited possibilities is a thrill! All you need to do is to follow your path. There are no coincidences. Everyone you meet is here to help you along your purpose; you just need to be awake to see it. Over the years, I have found healing stones to be very helpful in finding my way. My favorite ‘purpose’ stone is Oregon Opal. I cannot tell you how much this stone has helped me to understand my path and what steps I need to take to follow it. Other stones that you may work with are Avalonite, which is about wisdom, or Azurite to open your third eye, the center of knowing.

But if you are not in this frame of mind yet, it can be a bit scary. The main thing I am trying to point out is that we are all here for a reason and if we are not happy, then we need to explore these feelings more and then begin to make the change to our purpose. I leave you now with my Oregon Opal Pictorial.......Enjoy!


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