Crystal Healing Lay-out to Aid Assimilation, Digestion and Weight Loss

February 3, 2018

I am frequently asked questions on how to lose weight and/or to aid digestion.  Firstly we should discuss the reasons why we gain weight to begin with.


As you all know, as we grow older our metabolism begins to slow down, however we can reverse this through daily exercise and proper eating.  Many foods contain starches and fats that make us feel lethargic after we eat them.  Dairy and meat products are the ones that come to mind, I decided to become a vegetarian after the evening I fell asleep at the dinner table after eating a large meal of steak and potatoes.  My body cannot digest animal fat/meat properly so it would cause me to be very tired after each meal, thus pretty much making it unable to do anything after dinner but sit around.  Understanding that becoming a vegetarian would mean eating the proper foods for nutrition, I spent many weeks at my local library checking out books on nutrition and veggie cookbooks.  Yes, it took me a while to teach myself this new way of eating, but it was totally worth it.  I automatically dropped 5 pounds without even trying, but what was more incredible was the way I felt, my energy level was at an all time new high!  I felt as if I could climb mountains, this was and is a very powerful feeling!  If you decide to look into a vegetarian diet, I recommend that you visit a health care professional in this area.  (it is important that you know how to combine foods for proper nutrition)!


Just changing our eating habits may help you to digest and assimilate food more easily.  Try cutting out dairy products for a few days and see how you feel.  Many folks are lactose intolerant and do not even know it!  I find that when one gets into their 40's, that this is very common, I have seen it quite often.  Switch to soy milk, there are many goods ones on the market these days!!  Eat more fruits and veggies, I know, I know you have heard this a million times, but it is true.  If you are new to eating alot of veggies, you may experience a bit of flatulence, if you have this problem try that beano product, it helps immensely.  After awhile of eating veggies, this problem will go away, your body gets used to eating good food fairly quickly!


Other reasons we cannot lose weight maybe emotional in nature.  Meaning, there maybe hidden reasons why we eat when we are not hungry and continue to eat junk food when we know it is not good to do so.


Some of us maybe using fat as a form of emotional protection, meaning, we are not ready to have a meaningful relationship with another person so we put on weight as a way to prevent this.  "If I am heavy I will not be attractive to men". We protect ourselves because we are too afraid; we don't want to get hurt again! or we have feelings of no-self worth, (I am not worthy of love because I don't love myself, so how can I love others?)


These are fairly common reasons, but there are also other reasons why the body can hold onto weight which can impact on your ability to lose it.  Sometimes weight is used as a form of grounding by the body for people whose lower chakras don't hold them firmly enough on the ground because they are blocked or the chakras are not properly open.  There are a lot of reasons why blocked chakras manifest, they are often caused by past trauma and shock (manifesting in the 2nd chakra). Sometimes the "need" (and I use the term loosely really) to be grounded by weight can also come about by the upper chakras being more highly active at the expense of the lower chakras.


Another reason I have come across is the way we deal with energy. People react differently or rather cope differently with negative energy.  Some reflect it, some absorb it.  When they absorb it some transmute it and others try to metabolize it - taking it into their system trying to burn it off or whatever.  The problem here is that often that's not entirely successful and at the risk of sounding really gross here, its like trying to eat it.  It collects in the system and can create bloating and weight problems.  Often all of this is created rather innocently through our desire to take on other people's problems, taking on responsibility for people and things, stuff like that. It’s not only from facing overt negative energy although that would cause it too.


So, in this exercise we will be using healing stones to aid digestion, food assimilation and help us to unblock the energy that has become stagnant in our system.  While you are meditating with the healing stones on your body, important thoughts may pop up as to why you are having difficulty losing weight.  An example could be a memory from child hood such as being teased at school for being a bit larger than the other kids.  It is very important that you listen to your higher self during the healing session.